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Updated : Nov 20, 2023
Version : 6.6.3
Developer : Playrix
Updated : Nov 20, 2023
Version : 6.6.3
Developer : Playrix

Editor‘s Review

Enjoy the challenging yet intriguing match-3 game while renovating a grand mansion. Here is Homeescapes, players can have their fun doubled by enjoying two different game mechanics at the same time. The game is developed by Playrix and is free of charge. It has won the award of Editors’ Choice on Google Play and has received a fairly high average rating score of 4.6 stars out of 5 together with 12.2 million reviews. It has been installed more than 100 million times by players all around the world. Theoretically speaking, the game is suitable for players aged at or above 3 years old. 

By entering the world of Homescapes, you will embark on a wonderful journey of mansion renovation and decoration while challenging levels of match-3 puzzles with increasing difficulty. With the progress of the game, you will unlock new chapters and read a family story along the way. Sounds rather interesting right? When it comes to the specific features of the game, first of all, the game controls are easy for players to master, only taking players to swap between different pieces to match and clear the board. Secondly, with excellent graphic design, the game will give you a chance to decorate the interior space using your own imagination and creativity. Thirdly, tons of match-3 levels are waiting for you to challenge, and you will get assistance from boosters when you get stuck in the game so as to render explosive combinations. Apart from being a match-3 puzzle game with a mansion decoration function, the game also enables players to slowly explore the secrets of the mansion as the story unfolds throughout the gameplay, bringing players an immersive gameplay experience. Also, there are many amusing characters who interact with you and each other for you to socialize. Furthermore, a pet can be kept for players to get rid of loneliness, which will be an adorable and fluffy kitten. Finally, you can also invite your friends on social media like Facebook to join you in this wonderful game.

So what lies at the heart of the game that makes the game so attractive? To start with, in the game, players will gain a full sense of control and manage the renovation and decoration of a whole mansion while motivating their imagination and creativity. Secondly, it is a good chance for players to sharpen and show off their designer skills in ways of room furnishing. There will be thousands of items for you to explore and they are all at your disposal. Thirdly, the match-3 levels are challenging and a lot of fun, which is a good opportunity for players to relax during their short breaks. Yet, nothing is perfect. So is Homescapes. Although it is free of charge, it still contains pop-ups and in-app purchases, consuming players’ money and time. But you can simply turn off the purchase function in your devices’ settings. What’s more, the levels gradually get repetitive and invariably make players feel bored. Finally, the game seems to encourage players to spend money on the game because it will get increasingly harder for players to win the round even with the help of boosters.

To sum up, Homescapes brings players multiplied fun by offering them a chance to enjoy multiple games within one game, including match-3 puzzles, room decorating, as well as mystery solving. In spite of its disadvantages, Homescape is still worth a try for players since it is free of charge and its graphic design is of high quality. Enjoy the game and pass all levels till you unveil the secrets and finish the mansion decoration!

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