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Super Mario Run

Updated : May 13, 2022
Version : 3.0.25
Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Updated : May 16, 2022
Version : 3.0.25
Developer : Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Editor‘s Review

Super Mario Run is another great game that you can even try to play the game with a single hand. The game still has the classical Mario elements and it’s a great game to just relax and have a good time on your mobile device. The most exciting part about the game has to be the fact that you enjoy watching Mario running forwards at his fastest speed and your job, simple but challenging at the same time, it’s to keep him alive.


You will be performing, using the character of Mario, countless jumps and dodge and turns, and the setting of the map matters a lot as well so if you want to become good at this game, you will have to know what exactly you should be doing at the specific situation and making sure that you are not doing anything that you shouldn’t be doing on the map. Your ultimate objective like many other Mario games is to collect as many coins as possible. It’s a free game so you don’t have to worry about spending too much money on getting the game or getting the in-game content. As for a lot of mobile game players, I know you all would love the developers for that. But the thing that I think it’s frustrating is the fact that when you thought it was free to download, the modes that you want to play do require you to pay for it. You get a free trial which I don’t get why can’t the developers just charge for the game at the beginning because it seems necessary to circle back and get the money from the players?


Back to the game content, in the gameplay, you will be doing a lot of “running” like it was initially described in the game’s name. You will be traveling around the world and you will see yourself being located at multiple funniest and most interesting places, which can be a haunted house or a castle. There are a lot of challenges that you can suit yourself in from the easiest to the hardest. Even if you are just getting started in the game in which you are not quite sure if you will be able to be successful or not, please don’t worry as the game will walk you through those 24 “lessons of challenge” If you are a team player or someone who likes to share game experience with a friend or anything like that, you will love the feature of scoring in the game where you can try your very best to compete with your friend to see who will get the highest score. The audio system in the game is frankly one of the very best I’ve seen on mobile games so you won’t be disappointed. The graphics in the game is also beautifully built and full of details and everything.


Like I said about the modes only being free for a free trial, technically speaking, it’s only allowing you to try only one world for free, so it’s not even letting you go through all the modes and try to figure out what the game is about if you aren’t paying for the whole thing. The time you will be spending on the first world is super fast so it means that if you are not satisfied with how fast that went or are curious about the next stages of the world, then you will have to pay for the game to see the reminder of contents. So the game is practically luring you into purchasing the game eventually. It’s a good marketing strategy but personally speaking, I don’t like that at all.

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