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The Baby In Yellow

Updated : Feb 15, 2023
Version : 1.6.4
Developer : Team Terrible
Updated : Mar 16, 2023
Version : 1.6.5
Developer : Team Terrible

Editor‘s Review

Horror games have always been popular among gamers, with titles such as Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Outlast, all having achieved huge recognition in the gaming community. However, the horror genre has seen a shift in recent years with the emergence of indie-developed horror games. These games have been able to provide a unique horror experience that is both terrifying and different from what we are used to.

The Baby In Yellow is one of the latest games to join the indie horror game scene. Developed by a small team of developers and published by Puppet Combo, The Baby In Yellow is a first-person survival horror game that has been grabbing the attention of gamers worldwide due to its unique concept and terrifying gameplay mechanics.

The premise of the game is simple: you play as a babysitter tasked with looking after an infant in a dark and eerie house. However, as the night progresses, you quickly realize that there is something not quite right about the baby you are taking care of. The baby is known to cry excessively, and if not taken care of, you risk waking up the entire house. But as you tend to the baby's needs, you may start to notice that something sinister is lurking in the shadows.

The Baby In Yellow is a game that creates an atmosphere of unrelenting tension, and this is achieved through the game's unique mechanics. For starters, the game's opening sequence is creepy and sets the tone for what's to come. As the player steps into the house, the game's lighting and sound design immediately creates a sense of dread that will have players on edge.

As you tend to the baby's needs, you'll have to navigate the house's dark and claustrophobic rooms. The game has an excellent level design where every pathway and doorway can be a potential hiding spot for whatever is stalking you. The game also features multiple endings that ensure that the player has the incentive to play through it multiple times, enhancing replay value.

The baby, as the game's title suggests, is at the heart of the game's narrative. Players will need to react quickly to the baby's cries and tend to its needs while trying not to attract the attention of the danger lurking in the shadows. Each time the baby cries, players will need to locate the source of the noise and administer the correct treatment. One wrong move and the baby will wail even louder, putting the player at risk of attracting the game's antagonist.

The Baby In Yellow does an excellent job of pulling from different horror game genres to create an original and terrifying experience. From the supernatural elements to the very human serial killer, there is something here for fans of different horror genres.

The graphics and sound design in this game are top-notch, and together they create a sense of foreboding throughout the experience. The game's use of lighting is especially effective in creating a horror atmosphere. Puzzles are also present, but they never take away from the core gameplay experience, and they're not too difficult to solve.

The Baby In Yellow is not for the faint of heart, with its intense jump scares and atmospheric tension, but if you're a fan of horror games and are looking for something fresh and new, this game deserves your time and attention. The final act of the game is especially compelling, and it will leave players thinking long after the credits roll.

The Baby In Yellow is a game that respects its players' intelligence and allows you to figure things out on your own, which is a rarity in this age of hand-holding in video games. It's a game that is well worth the price of admission, and while it may not be the longest game you'll play, you'll certainly have a blast playing it.

In conclusion, The Baby In Yellow is a game that is worth checking out for horror fans looking for something fresh and new. Its mechanics and unique premise make it stand out from the pack, and while it may be not as well-polished as some of the AAA horror games out there, it's a game that delivers a unique horror experience that will leave players getting more.

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baby in yellow

i wonted to play this game for so long.