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LEGO® Super Mario™

Updated : Jul 18, 2022
Version : 2.5.0
Developer : LEGO System A/S
Updated : Jul 29, 2022
Version : 2.5.1
Developer : LEGO System A/S

Editor‘s Review

Lego Super Mario is a game in which you will gather your crew and step into the ultimate adventure with the characters you love. You will build up your crew and add to your collection and expand your personalized Super Mario Universe. You can build up your Mario set with the 3D instructions and the best thing that the game will give you if you are not familiar with how the game works have to be the detailed videos of making your skills more successful than ever. The game will make you realize how wonderful your creation can be and how proud you will be of them after they are done.


Your main objective, still, in this game is to try to collect as many coins as possible and defeat your enemies and get away from the blocks that stood between you and the final destination. If you are curious about how good you are actually in the game, you can simply try out the challenges. I’m a relatively competitive person, so I love checking out the challenges and challenging myself to a harder level than I can finish seeing if I can outperform what I used to be. There are also social elements in the game where you don’t have to spend the majority of time wandering the world by yourself so you don’t have to feel alone in the world of Mario. Especially, it’s important to realize that if you have friends, it's more fun to play with them, that's the beauty of multiplayer games.


The best feature I think about this game is the fact that you can synchronize all of your progress on all devices so people like me who might be forgetting about our phone in an unexpected place will have a better chance to have the content on the cloud, therefore, it’s always there when I need to reinstall the game and have a blast on my phone again. One of the features I noticed about the game is that it’s without advertisement which is just wholesome. I’ve been sitting through countless useless ads all life on mobile games and it feels good to finally get a break from all the non-stopping advertisements. The mechanism in the game can be a little confusing at the beginning but you will get used to it more quickly than you will realize. The editing feature makes the game more useful to find what you had created and what you will be creating.


There are glitches and bugs but the developers seem like they are realizing where the problems are and they are in constant contact with the players so they know what the players are feeling and what their game experiences are. This is the environment I want to see between the players and developers. The developers should think about the game based on what the players have to say. The feedback from the gameplay is crucial for making improvements and making the game better.


Again, it’s a classical Lego and Mario combination that will make you fall in love with it right away. It’s relaxing and chill so on weekends when you are feeling stressed, you will have a good time playing this game whether with someone you knew from the game or friends in real life. I look forward to more updates and maintenance on the game to make sure it’s more stable and more likely to be well-established. If the developers can keep quality control, I do not doubt that the game will survive in the long run and certainly will attract more players.

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