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Minecraft: Education Edition

Updated : Dec 15, 2021
Version :
Developer : Mojang AB
Updated : Feb 8, 2022
Version : 1.17.32
Developer : Mojang AB

Editor‘s Review

Minecraft Education is clearly an educational game that’s different from the original version. Your kids will be able to play the game expanding their creative and imaginative skills. It’s a place for studying multiple subjects and the game is tolerant and capable of making people do many tasks. You will be able to unlock different themes and challenges that will fulfill the finding of new ways of handling problems.


If you are interested in Minecraft as a kid, then you will also love this educational version because it’s the same thing with different names. There are cross subjects that are available for you to check out and it’s still an explorable world full of surprises. There are tons of courses and there are menus and explanations for everything. I think this app would be super beneficial for those people in the teaching industry, especially those who are interested in teaching small kids how to read and study for knowledge that they are interested in. The game will certainly motivate kids to be more involved in learning because it’s a game and it’s also a fun way to learn.


The game will make kids capable of critical thinking and problem-solving ability. It’s also quite a lot about interpersonal relationships and interaction since others can play the game with you at the same time. If you are just a random Minecraft fan that is wanting to see what the versions are like, please be advised and don’t download this version. It’s an app that is designated for 99 percent of kids instead of teenagers or adults. And one of the features I love the most about the app has to it allows students not just to do random seeking for information but more the purposeful study material and develop a sense of being a young adult.


Back to the game content, it allows you to play the game on multiple platforms and you can play this game with the people you want to anytime as long as you are online. The teachers and parents also have full control of the game and there are reader contents that are set up for this version will help kids learn and translate content. Overall, it’s like a weakened Minecraft version but full of studying tips.


There are recent updates on the game that is worth a lot of attention. The app will stop running on Chromebook unfortunately. I feel like modern-day games should be more adaptive in multiple fields instead of restricting them back to only a couple of platforms. This update made me feel like the game is going back in time which is no fun. And the app suffers from bugs and glitches of not operating. The game will stop running after seeing the icon of Mojang and the screen will become darker and your screen will completely freeze for no reason. The game itself is great but those types of glitches and bugs are what keep the players from enjoying the game. Nothing work against those glitches unfortunately and the developers seem like they don’t care about that at all because there are complaints that are left on read.


I know Minecraft is the legendary iconic game but the players who have been with him since the very beginning deserve so much better than that. So it’s frustrating and disappointing to see a wonderful game can wound up being like this. The future objective for the game, if the developers of this version still care, should be trying to fix those bugs and glitches and give players a regular gaming experience and make sure that they can log into their account and start actual gaming progress and enjoy learning.

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So this game is ok but, it needs a ceative too


I like playing this game because it’s fun.