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Updated : Jul 5, 2022
Version :
Developer : Mojang
Updated : Jul 12, 2022
Version : 1.19.10
Developer : Mojang

Editor‘s Review

Minecraft is a legendary game that everyone from all age groups is aware of. It’s an all-time classic and it starts a new era for the open-world game. It’s an excellent game in which you will be playing as a poor man Steve for the majority of the time and you will see yourself wandering through the world of all kinds of surprises and interesting creatures. It’s a sandbox game that you can spend hours and hours on it without feeling bored. You can extend your creativity and imagination to their fullest.


It’s an open-world game so there aren’t too many details to stress there besides the fact you will see yourself inside different settings. You can be in a desert where you will need to find a pond or river to survive the heat in survival mode. You can be in a plain field with grass and tons of trees. And for each of the settings, different creatures and environmental surroundings will make you realize that I’m in the world of Minecraft. You can even dig yourself into the underground world which can be completed from what the views are like in the upper world. The game itself feels like a miracle even though it doesn’t necessarily have the best quality of graphics but still, it’s evolutionary for the sandbox games industry to have Minecraft as their foundation. The weather system in the game is also brilliantly set up by giving players different weather conditions that most of us will experience. The game has a great AI system that will make you do things to survive the severe weather condition in survival mode. I think one of the most pleasant and fascinating modes has to be the survival mode in which you will be spending hours and hours surviving in nature. You will have to get resources to hunt and shelter yourself. You will need to fulfill your hunger need and sleep needs and the game will make the players feel like they are stuck in a world with pixels but in a real natural setting and you have no access to cell phones and technology.


The game offers more than that. The game has a lot of creatures that will blow your mind with how awesome and cool they are. The survival mode and the creative mode will make you fall in love with the game and the constant updates and modes will keep the game refreshing to all players at the same time. The fact that you can team up with others to either survive or to compete and play like an RPG game is what’s the most interesting and outstanding part of the game.


Even though the game is extraordinary and inventive, the mobile version on Android devices suffers more from some technical difficulties from recent updates. The game will run into problems and troubles for no reason and there is an error that can’t be fixed on the devices after multiple time of trying. The game can be a little overwhelming to those who are just getting started on Minecraft because they would have no idea what the game is all about and it still costs real-world money to get the game. So if you are thinking about getting the game, you need to realize what you are stepping into. The settings are also quickly changing and the whole new setup can be a little tricky for those returning players I feel like there are things that the developers should change and those foundations of the game should remain unchanged.

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I love Rolox and Minecraft


i like trains


I love Minecraft and the updates are getting better every time

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The best ever I love it I love Minecraft


I like Minecraft